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Open Records Request

The following are the requests for open records received by The University of Texas at Brownsville since March 1, 2012.

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Please note that requests for responsive documents for an existing are considered new requests under the TPIA.

Request ID
Request   Responsive Documents
students name, address and their email address.  We are looking at all of the JR and SR that are ready to graduate this coming May.  Also if it can include their major.
Student Directory InformationRequest Responsive DocumentsIn progress
Please provide the names, home addresses, and phone numbers, for all UTB faculty, Staff and administrators who: 1) retired in 2014 and/or 2)will retire in 2015, and/or 3) have agreed to participate in a phased retirement plan starting in 2015 (meaning they will be working on a part-time basis)
Personnel informationRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
2014 water bill with frequencies of water usage for UTB showing monthly
2014 water bill for UTB irrigation with frequencies of water usage monthly
Financial informationRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
Post Bid Results for the TEXAS UNIVERSITY STREET PARKING & SIDEWALK-RFP-747-0001-2014 that bid on 11/11/2014. I am requesting a bid tabulation if available. If not please provide the 3 lowest bidders and their amounts or provide the winner and their amount.
Purchase ordersRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
UTB police records including all investigation records and statements from all parties involved.  Also photographs, affidavits  etc.. submitted to Cameron county  DAs office....pertaining to case [number].
Police Reports (Offense, Accidents, Etc.)Request Responsive DocumentsCompleted
Please send me any information regarding the 2010-2011 University of Texas Brownsville Fine Arts Department hiring committee's advertisement for the Art Historian position.
Do you recall the UTB's Fine Arts Assistant Historian position's advertisement for hire as it appeared on the UTB's Human Resources website in January-February 2010?
Please inform me of the origin and authors of this job advertisement as you were on the 2010-2011 UTB's Art Historian search committee. Please include UTB's Fine Arts purchase order number or record number for UTB's Human Resources on-line 2010-2011 advertisement for the Art Historian positions.
Personnel informationRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
We would like to have an excel worksheet of the following items please: First name, last name, email address, phone numbers, major, minor and current classification
Student Directory InformationRequest Responsive DocumentsWithdrawn
I would like to request information for incoming freshman undergraduate students for fall 2015. We are with the tech store and would like their email addresses, physical address, and names. Thanks
Student Directory InformationRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
I would like to have access to a copy of the University Police report regarding the student being kidnapped at the Main Building parking lot on Feb. 3, 2015 at 9:55 a.m.
Police Reports (Offense, Accidents, Etc.)Request Responsive DocumentsIn progress
I am requesting a list of students enrolled at UTB to include freshman through seniors.  Request that students that were dis-enrolled from the Band Program in the previous two years be included as well. Please include first name, last name, middle initial, suffix, major, gender, race, anticipated graduation year, phone number, address, city, state, and zip code on the list for each student. If an electronic version of the list can be emailed in excel format, please send it attached to a reply to this email.
Student Directory InformationRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
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