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Open Records Request

The following are the requests for open records received by The University of Texas at Brownsville since March 1, 2012.

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Please note that requests for responsive documents for an existing are considered new requests under the TPIA.

Request ID
Request   Responsive Documents
This request is made under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552, Texas Government Code -- which guarantees the public’s access to information in the custody of government agencies. I respectfully request the following information, to be sent to me in email in electronic form:
All penalty letters the university issued to fraternities and sororities from 8/1/2011 to 9/1/2015 because of hazing violations. Please redact any personal information that identifies students. I will accept these redactions; there is no need to make a referral to the attorney general’s office.
If the penalty letters will take a long time to prepare and redact, please release a list of fraternities and sororities who were issued penalty letters or were punished because of hazing violations between 8/1/2011 and 9/1/2015 in the interim, while the letters are prepared.
OtherRequest Responsive DocumentsIn progress
We are trying to get some FOIA information for the following bid:
TX University of Texas at Brownsville Default Prevention Services 2013 (RFP #: 747-062212-2013)
Contract informationRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
I would like to request total expenditures by the University in FY2014-2015 on:
·         Mobility
·         Internet
·         Data Circuits
Please include the names of vendors and the amount paid to each.
Expenditures/RevenuesRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of all available student directory information of undergraduate and graduate students for the current semester, including, but not limited to, the following information:
•First Name
•Middle Name/Middle Initial
•Last Name
•Academic College
•University/Public Email Address
•Secondary Email Address
•Permanent Address (street name, city, state, and zip code in separate fields)
•Local Address
•Parent(s) Name(s), including title, first name, and last name, in separate fields
•Phone Number(s)
•Permanent Phone Number
•Local Phone Number
•First Semester of Enrollment
Student Directory InformationRequest Responsive DocumentsWithdrawn
We are interested in requesting public information of recent graduates (May 2015) as well as rising seniors who have majored in the Health Sciences which can include the following:Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry,Health and Human Performance, Health and Human performance-exercise science and nursing.
Student Directory InformationRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
I am interested to know the number of full-time staff and faculty at UT-Brownsville.
Statistical InformationRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
Under the Texas Public Information Act,§6252-17a et seq., I am requesting copies of reports that show details regarding incidents of fatal encounters involving people and your agency between January 1, 2000 and today's date. I'm also requesting copies of video of any incidents that were recorded by your agency during the same time period. Please also include the results of any Officer-Involved Death Reviews, or investigations your department conducted of other agencies regarding these types of incidents.
The specific information I'm looking for includes: decedent’s name, age, race, birthday, date of incident, date of death, any available photographs and video, location of death (address, city, state, zip code, country), agencies responsible for death, cause of death (e.g. gunshot, vehicle, Taser, etc.) or if the decedent died from drug overdose or other medical reasons during an arrest or while in custody, a brief description of the circumstances surrounding the death, official disposition of death (justified, or other), and whether the decedent exhibited symptoms of mental illness. I understand that some information, such as symptoms of mental illness may not be explicitly stated, and I don't ask that anyone try to decide or discern that information. Also, I'm willing to recast the request in a way that minimizes work for your agency, just let me know what is appropriate.
Police Reports (Offense, Accidents, Etc.)Request Responsive DocumentsCompleted
This is a public information request according to Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, for all emails and correspondence between Buck Audio Visual, located at 145 Open Sky Rd, Austin, TX 78737-4616, and [employee name] between March 1, 2015 and today.
OtherRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
We represent Ms. [employee name], your employee.
Please consider this our formal request that you produce for our inspection all documents in your care, custody or control which touch upon the quality of Ms. [employee name]performances as an employee over that last several years.
Personnel informationRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
I am requesting the following University of Texas at Brownsville designated student directory information items (based upon Spring 2015 semester student information):
- Student's Name (first and last name)
- Email Addresses
- Major Field of Study
- Classification
- Degrees and Awards Received
Student Directory InformationRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
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